D.B.A. Asia ---Magic Feast

DBA Asia:Delight(欢乐)+ Brand(品牌)=Attraction of crowded People(人潮)

This is the magic of brand! As the No.1 pigeon fair, DBA Asia aims at connecting you with elites, enabling your brand to get fame globally rather than nationally.


The Magic Of Delight

“Even ‘Crown three’ possesses good qualities, but I've never ever experienced such crowed visitors. All stored products were purchased within an early morning! What still also amazed me was that I didn't encounter single buyer who intended to bargain!”
------“Gold medals trainer” Mr. Chen Yongshan.


The Magic Of Brand

As one of the most famous brand names of pigeon sport in China, the Pioneer (Beijing) International Pigeon Racing Club will make a significant contribution to the organization of DBA Asia 2018, which will undoubtedly lead into a new chapter of Chinese pigeon sport. Following the success of the DBA Asia, the Chinese pigeon sport will for sure expand its footprints further and establish itself as a key competitive player in the world.


The Magic Of Attraction---2017 DBA ASIA figures

Near 200 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, 70% overseas, 20% Chinese mainland and 10% from Taiwan.The whole area 15,000 ㎡. And over 20,000 visitors from 31 Chinese provinces, Taiwan and overseas. The presidents and secretarygeneral of the Chinese, German, Belgian, Portuguese, Romanian racing pigeon federations were present. National and international political as well business prominents have been happily connecting with elite pigeon fanciers from all over the world.


DBA Asia

Delight(欢乐)+ Brand(品牌)=Attraction of crowded People(人潮)

Not only Mr. Chen, but many other exhibitors were astonished by the high number of visitors and why nobody was bargaining.
Well, that’s exactly the magic of delight!
Beauty, fun, music , food and lots of free goodies!
That’s what DBA Asia has offered, creating joy and surprise for every
single exhibitor as well as visitor. Money can’t buy happiness but for sure a happy mood does impact the purchasing power.

Create a Better Future

  • This year, we have been and are being fully cooperative with all relevant departments for all the procedures such as examinations and approvals within the frame of legal and rules.With joined hands we are conducting all the tasks and terms with the Chinese Racing Pigeon Association with out any hitch!
  • With highly developed industry sensitivity and market innovative foresight, all terms of the preparation and works shall be unfolded with our determination.A brand new aspect of Chinese racing pigeon has been created with success and lifted the spirit of the Chinese pigeon industry!

Caesar of the Kings Auction of World champion

The award ceremony of “World Championship One Loft Race” and “Grand Prix FCI One Loft Race 2018 Taiwan” will be taking place in DBA Asia 2018. All pigeons, which won prize, will also be auctioned in DBA Asia 2018.

The international pigeon racing events were planed and organized by One Pigeon between March and April successfully. Fancier teams from 21 countries and regions like China, Chinese Taipei,Chinese Hongkong, Belgium, Portugal, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Poland, England, Italian, Czech, Romania, Spain, Hungary, France, Canadian, with theirs birds, totally about 1300 have been fighting intensely, and eventually the championship was reached and honored by the China mainland-Taiwan United Team from Fujian Province!

Grand Prix FCI One Loft Race 2018 Taiwan

Diaoyu Island Special Conquest Champion


Breeder: Chen Xue Bo

2018 World Championship One Loft Race



Breeder: Portugal /Sporting Pigeons Team

Grand Prix FCI One Loft Race 2018 Taiwan



Breeder: Belgium /Van de Maelen Sonia

The racing which combined with oversea and overland flying is the Diaoyu island special conquest with 476km, by which the fraternal fanciers demonstrated the courage and determination of solidarity, love pursuing and peace!

The roughest competition in the history “2018 World Championship One Loft Race and FCI One Loft Race”, flying distance 476km, consisted of 120km oversea and 360km overland. The particularities of the game are:

1, Counting on homing pigeon as the symbol of peace, the human common pursuit of love, peace and home was and is being advocated.

2, The fraternal fanciers from China Mainland and Taiwan released their beloved birds shoulder to shoulder in the own territory, invited international friends to witness this moment of sovereignty declaring, unconstrained imaging the freedom in union and the divine glory.

3, Reviewing this game, the releasing was rough and the flight was even rougher: confronting the dead wind, flight process 476 km, flying over sea and climbing hills like that Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Even then the pigeon flew back with high speed, and the champion with 874.9523 meters per minute.

Wonderful moment

The German Pigeon Culture Exposition is a grand event of the carrier pigeon culture, the homing pigeon movement and the homing pigeon industry. It has established a platform for exchanges and exhibitions for fanciers at home and abroad. It also allows more people to understand the pigeon and pigeon industry.

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Exhibition promotion video

DBA asia-Nanjing
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Pigeon Forum Summit

DBA asia-Nanjing Exchange Forum
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Foreign guests

The Belgian ambassador to China Mr...
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Foreign guests

The chairman of Pioneer ( Beijing ) ......
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Foreign guests

The Belgian ambassador to China......
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Foreign guests

Mr. Def Lin, the CEO of one-Pigeon, ......
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Cross-Strait fanciers association...
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Foreign visit to Wenchuang

Foreign visit to Wenchuang
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The pioneers welcome dinner

The pioneers welcome dinner

Exhibitor's words

The Words from The Exhibitors

The president Mr. Istvan Bardos of FCI

“The participation into the DBA Asia is one of the best ways to spread pigeon sport, its culture and to import the best European pigeons. Due to the great effort from the professional team of the organizer the DBA Asia succeeded and they all have my sincere appreciation. ”

The general manager Wasawat Jarubundit of Pattaya International Pigeon Race

“Even it was the first time, DBA Asia was fairly well organized, which was attributed by the professional experience of the staff.”

Free Fly Loft Racing Records Sky
Chen Lingxiao

“The DBA Asia ’s requirements for surroundings, decorations and services to fanciers were very careful, which never occurred before.”

Belgien pigeon expert Mr. Patrick Delrue-Vanbru aene

“Since 1997 I started to visit the pigeon fairs in China. DBA Asia 2017 is the one and the only one, which contained the most cultural and artistical elements.”

The CEO of Belgium Natural Granen NV Mr. Stephan Descheemaecker

“The cultural artistical niveau has already surpassed many European pigeon fairs.”

Xiamen Hui Ying Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
General manager Mr. Zhuang Jianjun

“A gigantic feast for all fanciers.”

General Sales Manager of Versele-Laga Mr. Erik Lambrecht

“The exhibition in this year was absolutely successful. And the celebration party was also wonderful with many visitors. In the next year we will also come. We are proud of being signed up as the first exhibitor. Please save the best spot for us. The DBA Asia in the next year is being expected.”

President of KBDB Mr.Stefaan Van Brockstaele

"Best sports friends and pigeon fanciers around the world. As former President of the KBDB and vice president of the FCI, it will be a great honor and pleasure to be present at the second edition of the DBA Asian International Pigeon Show 2018 in Nanjing. For me Nanjing is the show of the future !”

Famous German family of pigeon fanciers Kipp and his sons

The DBA Asia was an excellent organized fair, which deserved to be praised.”

Alfred Berger Geschäftsführer – general manager Röhnfried Dr. Hesse Tierpharma GmbH & Co KG

“It was my first time of being an exhibitor to present our firm in December 2017 DBA Asia. We collected lots of precious experiences for our activities in Asia and got acquainted with some promising customs. Though the organizer needed to do more housework, we experienced an outstanding organization and the big group of European fanciers were taken so good of that many of them are willing to participate into DBA Asia 2018. On all accounts, the DBA Asia will be a huge success we ever see.”

The Belgien Romania Champion of KBDB, Mr. Bucaciuc Daniel, whose bird was auctioned with the hammer price of 500,000 Euro

”I Daniel Bucaciuc, Winner of the 1st Ace pigeon LD 2017 KBDB the BE15-2016002 “Mister Fantastic” will be present at the 2nd Edition of the DBA Asian international Racing Pigeon Show Nanjing 2018. It was a big surprise for me to be present on this beautiful 1st Edition and I hope to welcome and shake your hand on the next edition in Nanjing 2018.”

President of(FCPR)Mr. Marius Tunduc

“DBA Asia 2017 was an amazing experience. We could see the Chinese pigeon sport and we can share our experience. I’m sure that in 2018 will be again a great event and I’m just looking forward to seeing you back with all the Asian pigeons faciers.”

2018 DBA Exhibition Introduction

The DBA Exposition is a grand event of the carrier pigeon culture, the homing pigeon movement and the homing pigeon industry. It has established a platform for exchanges and exhibitions for fanciers at home and abroad. It also allows more people to understand the pigeon and pigeon industry.

Xi'an Expo Xian‧China

Exhibition date: Nov.23.2018---Nov.24.2018

Opening Time:Nov.23.2018 09:00 – 16:00 ----
                             --- Nov.24.2018 09:00 – 15:00

Address:Xi'an Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center (4 Tang Yan South Road, New Hi-tech Zone Xi'an,710065 P.R.China)

Entry Fee:30 rmb (valid on date of issue)

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Service of Travelling And Accommodation

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Booth Blueprint China Xi’an

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Fee Xi’an DBA Asia 2018


Nanjing Expo China

Exhibition date: Nov.30.2018------Dec.2.2018

Opening Time:Nov.30.2018 Curtain-up VIP Day 10:00 – 15:00

                                   Dec.1.2018 Exhibition 09:00 – 17:00

                                   Dec.2.2018 Exhibition 09:00 – 15:00

Address:Hall 4 und Hall 5 Nanjing Expo Center (No 199 Yanshan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu China)

Entry Fee:30 rmb (valid on date of issue)

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Service of Travelling And Accommodation

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Booth Blueprint China Nanjing

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Booth Blueprint--Fee

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Dreaming of Chang An

Visiting the ancient city :Terra-Cotta Warriors...
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Nanjing at Qinhuai-river

Culture experiencing: Costumes from Han Dynasty+Confucian...
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Buddha statue in stone Luoyang

Chinese civilization: Longmen grottoes...
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Shui-Mo-Hong Village--Anhui

Historical sites:Hong village ...

DBA Asia:Delight(欢乐)+ Brand(品牌)=Attraction of crowded People(人潮)


Contact person for registration for Xi’an and Nanjing DBA Asia 2018

Nanjing‧China / Xi'an ·China

Mr. William Wang
  • E-MAIL:William@1-pigeon.com
Mr. Ludo Lee
  • E-MAIL:Ludo@1-pigeon.com


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Host and cooperative firm

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Host: One Pigeon

Organizer:Shanghai Zhongyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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Xi'an:Advisor:Chinese Racing Pigeon Association

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